"I stumbled across Annie's site and checked out a couple of pages. I could instantly see this was an artist on the edge of launching into the stratosphere."
- Dave Jackson of Musicians Cyber Cooler

" Kylie Minogue may be the Queen of Pop but Annie Minogue is definitely the Queen of Rock."
- Shorty Brown, MTV VJ Australia

" Annie Minogue creates soulful songs with great hooks and solid instrumentation. Melodic rock guitar driven tracks which inspire as well as arouse." -

" Annie Minogue's "Love Parade" is a charismatic swirling & turning collage. A fantastic streamlined feel of spontaneous emotion & musical craft." - UGA

" You are looking at our next superstar!"
- John Sutton, owner Plan B nightclub, The Music Cafe Sundance Film Festival

" Annie Minogue is one of my favorite undiscovered artists of 2002."
- Jonathan Clarke, Host of Q104.3 Out Of The Box
Annie Minogue with Q104.3 DJ Jonathan Clarke
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" Powerhouse vocalist and songwriting talent. Powerful and rich, her sound reflects the pulse of today's rock music." - Future Sound

" Dynamic, Smart & Very Sharp!" -

" Annie Minogue has a well-honed, solid voice that's both impressive and moving. "Love Goes Down" brought a tear to this emotionally-overwhelmed Siren's eye." -

" Love Parade is definitely worth checking out if you want to hear the talents of an excellent singer-songwriter."


" Native New Yorker Annie Minogue is on the cusp of breaking the common expectations for female singer/songwriters. She is the epitome of female empowerment. Her lyrics and the way she expresses emotion through her powerful voice truly inspire images of the singular ‘woman' rocker. Her obvious musical prowess is raw and real and her powerful voice and thoughtful lyrics on the 11-song foot-tapper, Love Parade, come at the listener like a ton of bricks!" - Shane Roeschlein,

Rarely will one find such enormous musical talent in someone so young. Usually, a singer with any real merit has decades of hard living behind them before they can begin to express themselves lyrically. Not so with Annie Minogue.

Her warm smooth voice with a razor-sharp edge adds a poignant touch to her intensely passionate lyrics. Her latest album "Love Parade" is a straight-forward rock record with enough twists, turns and surprises to make you listen to it again and again. Challenging the preconceptions of female rock singers and that of a male dominated industry, Minogue has raised the bar to an almost unattainable level.
- Peter Franchell, Observer Dispatch

Newcomer Annie Minogue shows that you don't need a hit doctor or sleek production to make songs that are poppy but have substance too. Annie is a soulful and capable singer-this reviewer's comparison to say the delivery of Pat Benatar and her voice is tailored perfectly on what is otherwise direct-sounding rock music. Most of the songs on this record consist of driven melodic stuff that sticks to you such as "Bringing Me In," "Love Goes Down," and "Kind of Girl," but without the doctored sweet stuff so familiar on radio these days. Minogue is also capable of singing and writing thoughtful, sensitive songs too as "Sorry for Goodbye" and "Unspoken" represents. This is a sign of good things to come from Minogue; why mainstream radio hasn't caught up with this emerging artist is somewhat baffling. - David Chiu, News Beat Rocks

Annie Minogue is instantly proving herself as a skilled modern rock singer-songwriter with her "Home" follow up album, "Love Parade." The songs are sensual and well written and makes a strong, emotionally charged statement. - Mitch Carlson, Up Close & Personal Magazine

Welcome to the world of Annie Minogue. Her voice makes it a spiritual place. Annie's voice is soothing, peaceful, and kind with an energetic kick in the ass. You can hear the blues come out of her heart. When you first hear her, you get the edge of Melissa Etheridge and Courtney Love. You can feel the spirit of Janis Joplin watching over her. Her lyrics are a confession of her pain and love. She gives us a lesson about love and sacrifice. Her music entices you to pay close attention to what she has to say. - Barbara Fara,

More goods songs by not just another pretty face. Straight ahead rock is what you will find on this parade. Similarities both vocally & musically to Melissa Etheridge is a pretty killer comparison in my book. Melissa rocks with the best of them. Annie does a pretty good job herself. Check out "Love Goes Down", and "If We Let It" for a couple examples. Its too bad some of the best new music is being put out by small independent labels, but that makes you just super cool when you find it, or you can just take our advice. This one is a keeper! -

Wow! What a great StarPolish find we have in Annie Minogue. With its hypnotic, propulsive tribal beat, layered backing vocals, flanged guitar anchoring a dark melodic undercurrent and Annie's out of control, force of nature powerhouse lead vocal, "Love Parade" is both exhilarating and heartbreaking at once, and one of the best songs I've ever heard in my life. Seriously. This song should be mind-blowingly huge, but it's probably way, way too good for that. My god, with its hypnotic, propulsive tribal beat, layered backing vocals, flanged guitar anchoring a dark melodic undercurrent and Annie's out of control, force of nature powerhouse lead vocal, "Love Parade" is both exhilarating and heartbreaking at once, and one of the best songs I've ever heard in my life. Seriously. This song should be mind-blowingly huge, but it's probably way, way too good for that. My god, what a devastatingly beautiful song. No wonder she is winning all kinds of regional song writing competitions. I also really like another track available for download, "Love Goes Down," with its very bright, 80's-style guitar. Annie cites her influences as Sheryl Crow, Tom Waits, Patti Smith, Adam Duritz of Counting Crows, Black Crowes and Janis Joplin -- and you can hear little bits of each of these artists in her finely nuanced, unique style. Her band kicks ass too. Do yourself a favor and buy the CD on Starpolish right now. You can thank me later. This lady rocks!
- Gail Worley Critic's Corner

Annie Minogue bears no relation to Kylie, or that "La-la-la" single. Her modern rock singer/songwriter style more resembles Melissa Etheridge--but, like, in a good way. -CMJ New Music Monthly
*Love Parade Appears On November's CMJ New Music Compilation.

All of the songs on "Love Parade" could fit somewhere in the current state of album rock radio and given that bonus track "Paper Doll" has been used as the music for Japan's national news broadcast, it's fair to say that Minogue is pushing the right commercial buttons. - DIY Reporter

Not Kylie Minogue, no relation actually, and no similarity in style. Much more similar to Alanis and other hard edge singers. Picture the grittiness of Melissa Etheridge and the lyrical qualities of Alanis. We're almost left wondering if the studio album does her live performance justice.
- Dominick Miserandino,

A five-song EP from this New York-based solo artist launches with the rocking, acoustic-electric "Love Goes Down," a strong vocal outing that recalls the throaty power of Melissa Etheridge. The dark, edgy/ arty "Love Parade" shows a different look before "Kind of Girl" returns to the opener's vibrant energy. Striking for its supersized choruses, which are all deftly arranged and put over by a tight band, this EP by Annie Minogue is by a performer who makes no missteps and knows her genre. Deserves a listen!
- Music Connection Magazine

When I first interviewed Annie Minogue for a GoGirlsMusic article several months ago, I considered her a pop artist. Her debut CD Home, which I listened to while writing the article, put an intelligent face on pop music with its soul-searching lyrics and strong vocal.

So I was surprised in the interview when she told me that she considered herself more of a rock festival performer. "My live show is very rock-oriented and has a lot of energy," she said. "I'm not a coffeehouse kind of performer, even though that's the impression a lot of people get when they hear the CD."

Now, listening to the follow-up Love Parade, I hear what she meant. I was definitely not expecting this. Love Parade is Home cranked up to eleven. Minogue's voice is not just sweet and strong; it's got guts. This is the CD that is perfect for rock radio, if the other artists are ready for this kind of competition.

Rising on a wave of talented musicians and a writer/producer partnership with Nick Saya, Minogue explores every nuance of her inner voice. The title track is a sensual, writhing pop rock song with a bit of an echo effect that adds to the power. "Bringing Me In" has a quiet, wet-streets, city at night ballad vibe and features outstanding guitar work by Jeff Catania. "Unspoken," one of my personal favorites, features accordion, piano, and organ that make this a spiritually sexual hymn.

Each song rips out of the speakers with bluesy, edgy, soulful rock. This is what she's been building up to. If she was in high demand at rock festivals before Love Parade, wait until rock fans get a load of her now.
-, Jennifer Layton

Anything we say here is really a waste of time really. Annie Minogue's track record, critical acclaim and fanbase all speaks for itself. It makes no sense that an act with music THIS appealing, who has accomplished ALL that she has accomplished, and who looks as beautiful as Annie looks is not releasing records on a Major Label right now. What else does Annie Minogue have to do? Hold an A&R department at gunpoint and force someone to sign her? Seriously. Sign her already! -

Blessed with a powerful voice, formidable songwriting skills and a commanding stage presence, Annie Minogue is a musical force to be reckoned with. Armed with a new five-song EP, Love Parade, Minogue is forging ahead with the most mature, expressive - and frankly, rocking -- music of her career, powerfully played by her crackerjack band. Love Parade may rock a bit harder than Minogue's previous releases but never loses its innate passion and soulfulness. -

Love Parade is the latest release by up and coming singer songwriter Annie Minogue. Annie is the former lead vocalist for Ghost Of A God and toured both the United States and Europe with the group. In 2001, Minogue's songs were featured on MTV's Real World, MSNBC and in the independent film 'Out of the Black.' Love Parade is a prime example of why this powerful alto is on the rise. Annie sings with passion and her vocals are both smooth and sultry. Minogue delivers her lyrics with raw honesty. Annie is a strong vocalist and is supported by other talented musicians on her CD. The guitar, bass, percussion and piano are precise and enhance the rock and roll elements of the tracks. Annie and Nick Saya expertly produced this CD. This is a collection of soulful songs with great hooks and solid instrumentation. I particularly liked the passionate, emotional delivery on 'Love Goes Down.' The title track is a procession of powerful vocal inflections supported by a strong steady beat that is very compelling. Love Parade is a promising pageant!

• Recommended Tracks: (1,2) [USA/NJ 2002
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