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Annie Minogue's powerful alto has prompted comparisons to many, but grace slick might be the best reference. Minogue has a robust lower register, but her sensibility as a songwriter and singer is less pop and more rock. Minogue has made an impression in japan but is still looking to get established stateside. Her gig early friday evening at the leinie lodge was very much a get-acquainted outing, but she appeared to make the most of it. The songs are largely anthems of relational dysfunction related in a clarion fashion. In those terms, they seem to work well. Minogue also did one obvious thing that young rock acts are sometimes loath to do. She introduced herself and her songs so the crowd would know what to ask for at the music store. - Dave tianen milwaukee journal sentinel july 7, 2001 summerfest

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She's shared the stage with the Cowboy Junkies, Shane Macgowan and Bad Company's Paul Rodgers, to name a few. Her poppy rock and roll recalls the most infectious work by Alanis Morrissette, Sarah Mclachlan and pat benatar. We're talking about former ghost of a god lead singer Annie Minogue (no relation to kylie, as far as we know). Minogue, based in new york, makes her summerfest debut this year and it looks to be our chance to get an early look at a future star. - Bobby Tanzilo onmilwaukee.Com

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Annie Minogue - one of the best female singer/songwriters that has ever come through the l.A. Music Awards pipeline, this rising young star is poised to make a huge impact in the music marketplace. Annie Minogue writes hit oriented material that is pleasing to the ears with intelligent lyrics that have very strong hooks in the choruses. Her live performances exude star power that few can match. Her first full length release on indie label liberty place records has ten very well composed tunes on it. Annie's melodies are memorable with her strongest elements being her vocal performances. Her look is pure east coast, with big dark eyes and a soft feminine quality that is often lacking in much more hardened l.A. Artists who attempt to emulate the style that Annie Minogue seems to have perfected. On a scale of 1 to 10, the los angeles music awards selections committee give this album a 9 plus. - Al bowman - Rock City News

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Singer songwriter Annie Minogue, former front-person for the now defunct Ghost Of A God, is stirring quite a buzz, and rightfully so. The dark haired vocalist commands a powerful punch of emotion and presence in both her recordings and live performances. Think Tori Amos, only more rock and less lilith, and you're half-there. Equally as impassioned, annie chooses a more direct path to the heart by way of guitars and rock-friendly beats. Backed by a crew of seasoned musicians, you're looking at a singer who could single handedly rescue radio from Britney and Christina's plastic girl grips. - Gigamerica.Com

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Annie Minogue is one of my absolute favorite artists in the indie music world. From her extraordinary voice to her amazing talent for songwriting to her gift for beautiful music, she's everything i appreciate in an artist. Annie's music is unlike any other sound that i've heard, but contains a lot of familiarity. Her soulful vocals possess a hint of country roots, rock influence and folk-like passion. The songs on this album are all exemplary. It's been a while since i first heard this album, but the music seems as refreshing as it was the day that i first heard it. After hearing hundreds of artists drone on and on with typical pop songs, i am surprised to once again see myself completely satisfied with this amazing music.

I love just about every song on this CD and find it hard to pick just a couple to mention. 'Paper Doll,' 'I,' and 'Home' are some of my favorites. This album has the passion and purity that is expected from a seasoned singer/songwriter, and the pop sensibility of the best adult contemporary hit albums. It's no accident that i continue to keep coming back to this album. The music is not only the finest creation of art that i've heard in a long time, but definitely up to standards with anything mainstream. To be honest, it's far beyond those standards. This is art, pure and simple! Michael Allison -

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Minogue has proven herself to be a wonderful singer/songwriter/producer who has been compared to other strong female artists such as sarah mclachlan, Alanis Morisette and Tori Amos. Her style is sensual as well as poetic by bringing smartly crafted soft rock to the pulpit along with heartfelt lyrics that are pure and real. Her music is warm and honest, it is poetic and folkish with a pop edge and her voice illuminates beautifully over every song. Tracks such as "Paper Doll" and "sorry for goodbye" are deeply written ditties that are sung with such powerful emotion that it could give you the chills and build goose-bumps on your arms and bring tears to the eyes.
- Don Sill/ Good Times Magazine

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From first listen, i really loved Annie Minogue's material on Home. However, i was surprised by how soothed i was by this music, how familiar and comfortable it had become. More than anything else, the smooth, very pop sensibility started to take me away. It took me the same way that Kate Bush's material does. It made me feel wise and coursing as the wind.

Home has a series of fantastic, almost magical arrangements. Each song's production has something vaguely similar yet, distinct enough to allow you to realize how cohesive every track is within the whole. In my opinion, this makes the CD very listenable. Throughout the entire disc she has blended great drum programming with what sounds like a live drummer solidifying a strong beat/feel throughout. You will hear very tender, pristine acoustic guitar solos on "sorry for goodbye" mixed with big, flowing chunks of electric guitar. They layer together seamlessly adding to the overall ease of Annie's songs.

Annie's vocals are sexy and full of melancholy, especially on track #4, "Home" which is currently in the running, along with "where i used to sleep", for my favorite tune on this CD. Something just hits me about Annie Minogue's release, Home. I highly recommend this CD it is a truly great independent pop release.
Tanya Goolsby -

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Just a few notes and i wanted to write poetry, run out into the driving rain and stand poised at the edge of the world. What more can i say? Annie Minogue is pure vocal inspiration with that drenched, delicious, driving-with-the-top-down-wind-blowing-through-your-hair sense of freedom that rushes up from behind and catches your breath. Deep and full of soul, minogue's voice is at once gut-wrenchingly pleading and seeped with intense conviction. A testimony in lyrical integrity, Home combines an open-heart honesty with a feeling that can only be compared to waking up and wiping the sleep from your eyes. Annie's rich vocals and sensuous performance set her aside from other female artists today. Pamela Sapio - The Performing Artist Magazine

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" Blessed," Annie Minogue's new 3 song ep is a brilliant show of writing, producing, and singing. Not only have i seen a change from "Home" to "Blessed" but it seems to be an amazingly real change from one style of writing to another. In all honesty i was extremely dissapointed it was only 3 songs after hearing them you will be begging for more. There is a huge amount of talent in this woman and its just bursting out of every song. "Colorblind" the 2nd song off this new CD talks of a person being in a "not so great" relationship, being blind to the fact that his/her significant other is basically a loser. What it boils down to is that this person was blind to what was going on around them and it was annie's observations that make this song so great. "Blessed" is probably one of the best songs that i have heard from annie yet...Although "inside" was a brilliant show of emotions "Blessed" has this uncontrollable power of making me feel things inside of myself, so much that the tears drain from my eyes. When you listen to the words it seems as if she is praising someone whom she loves for loving her and inviting her into their life. Don't question why people love you or why they pick you to stay in their lives, just enjoy the time you have with them. The rock guitar riffs are still there and the upbeat sound remains. If you liked "Home" than you will most definately love "Blessed." Its very different yet still the same style annie has always had. The writing has changed but the meaning stays the same. Visit annie on the web to hear "Blessed." - Erin P. Capuano Lilith's Child Magazine

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Someone here knows how to write a song or two. Reviewing this disc was a pleasure because it was well written and well produced, making it easy to listen to, and i didn't have to spend an eternity picking out nuances. "Paper Doll" is the first track on the newest release from the former lead vocalist for spv recording artist, Ghost Of A God.

Annie's vocals are soulful as well as powerful. There's a hint of tori amos in her voice, but the song stands alone just fine. After one listen, you find yourself humming along with the chorus, which says volumes about her ability to craft a memorable song.

"Home", the title track, is another example of annie's ability to write a catchy hook, and has a more modern rock feel to it. Her vocals are slightly more aggressive in this song, but they never go overboard, meaning they're appropriate for the song. She goes from singing very softly to belting out the chorus without making it seem excessive...or forced.

In a time where women in rock are likely to be teenage latex-clad clones, and cranked out by the dozen, it's nice to hear from someone who has something substantial to offer. Annie Minogue has already had a few of her songs appear in the songwriter's hall of fame showcase, and there is no reason to think that she won't be able to secure her place as a successful singer and songwriter ... Especially if she keeps writing like this. - Steve C. -

Annie Minogue has been earning the acclaim of both critics and fans on the strength of her songwriting chops, a powerhouse voice, and a riveting stage presence. - James Wilcox,

And finally.... A young lady from new york, Annie Minogue, who, through all the mayhem at the la music awards, shone like a star in the hollywood night. We'll be looking for her on the ladder of success. John Rhys /

Minogue's music is warm and honest; it is poetic and folksy with a pop edge, and her voice illuminates every song. Tracks such as "Paper Doll" and "Sorry For Goodbye" are sung with enough powerful emotion to bring goosebumps to your arms and tears to your eyes. Island Ear Magazine - Sammy Sceil

Amidst critical and popular acclaim, this former ghost of a god member delivers hauntingly beautiful tracks on her debut album Home. Deep and resonating, annie's vocal and songwriting abilities shine with a divine light throughout Home. Her extremely popular track, Paper Doll, should be called an epic instead of simply a song. -

" Without a doubt one of the most talented and high quality female singer / songwriters anywhere, Annie Minogue has become one of the most popular grassroots music artists in the country. She is nominated for national artist of the year. We are proud to have her on this show!" - Los Angeles Music Awards

A future pop/rock sensation! Annie Minogue's intelligent songwriting and inspirational music is destined to be the future of pop. She is the perfect inspiring, touching and emotionally driven singer/songwriter that the world is lacking." - Allyson beth

Annie Minogue not only belts out sweet soul, she writes and produces a brainer, rockier brand of music than most of her contemporaries. Annie is the Shepherd Express Critic's Choice. - Shepherd Express (Milwaukee, Wi)

She's not the politically active, angry woman indie rocker like ani difranco, nor is she the meaningless rock star on the VH1 feature of the week. She's the perfect inspiring, touching, and emotionally driven singer/songwriter that the world is lacking. - Allyson Beth -

Annie Minogue is by far one of the most inspirational songwriters i've heard. Her music is a true recreation of who she is. Out of the hundreds of artists found on this site, annie is one of the few who i have had a hard time forgetting. Music like that is something that comes along once in a blue moon. - Elite Artists

Annie is a powerful vocalist, her performances positively seethe with emotion. - Crossroads Radio

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Annie works her lush soaring songs with emotive fondness. She cruises briskly toward each crescendo at an easy lope, and then coils up under her airborne belt-notes like a lithe lifter pressing for the prize. Linus gelber - music dish magazine

Seven Stages front in the little five points area of Atlanta, with wooden flooring and evenly covered tungsten lighting, on a stage meant for the likes of arthur miller's death of a salesman or a shakespearean sonnet, annie sang. Crystal clear and with passion, a band was not needed. But there was a band and what a beautiful marriage it was. It took a conscious effort on my part to separate the two.

As i watched annie sing "Paper Doll", i somehow sensed these lyrics were straight from her heart and of a relationship that still stings her soul. I also forgot that there was a reason for my attendance and the nikon around my neck yearned to capture this display of emotion.

When checking in at the conference, i was given a two-disc compilation CD. After studying the various artists, Annie Minogue became a must-see event for me. As the band played "Home", i only wished a larger group of people could have shared this talented act that could very soon break the ice between now and stardom.
- Randy Wilson Atlantis Music Conference 2000, Atlanta, Ga (live review)

Two last grown-up acts that stand up tall among the blur of the overall excellent showcases and deserve mention here: New York's Annie Minogue, whose early outdoor showcase at the rio is an easy romp of vocal commitment and confident vigor. Minogue's new record, "Home," captures her friendly live energy and gives careful room to her intricate vocals.
-Linus Gelber Musicdish Indie Spotlight 2000 (Eat'm Issue)

" Paper Doll" starts off with a moody, portishead sounding backtrack, and vocals from the Alanis school, but Annie soon establishes her own sound, and a very pleasant sound it is.

Like Alanis, Minogue seems to be exorcising demons with her lyrics, but we all know how interesting that is for the listener. "I" is another contagious song while "Sorry For Goodbye" takes things down and is a wonderful showcase for her powerfully expressive vocals. The production is superb and the cover is intriguing! - Sue Nami - Live Magazine (June 2000)

Annie Minogue contains both a powerful and soulful voice, as well as a great rock band backing her up. This combo makes for a great album that was a pleasure to listen to. Two of the tracks that stood out on this record were the title track "Home," as well as the song "Paper Doll." Paper Doll starts off with an Alanis Morrissette style vocal and moves on to become a very passionate song with heartfelt lyrics. Annie Minogue would definitely have been a great addition to the now defunct lilith fair. - Michael Fleming Chicago, Il -

If only all artists were this good... - Tom Sawyer -

- Ok, there's good pop rock and there's inspiring pop rock. Nothing's better when one gets hold of the latter—it's not always easy to find.

For instance, the majority of upstart pop bands take a catchy, cliché tune, wear the trendiest clothing they can find from old navy, and try to etch out a name for themselves. Bands like this sing about love, fun, and the occasional sexual innuendo with a grin and a lot of choreography. That's not the case for Annie Minogue with her solo album Home. Her voice resonates with the power of Alanis Morissette, yet with less post-nasal drip in the throat.

Songs like "Home" and "Paper Doll" are powerful, graceful, and satisfy any ear hungry for beauty, talent, and intense, soulful lyrics. Produced by Leif Mases (who has worked with Led Zeppelin and Jeff Beck) and mixed by Peter Moshay (Mariah Carey, Hall & Oates), this album is a solid pop rock offering from top to bottom. Great hooks, echoing melodies, and a gentle-yet-powerful singer at the helm—fans of great female pop albums can't go wrong with this one. - Don Mahon staff writer -

I'm digging my copy of Annie's record.
There's something for everybody on Annie Minogue's Home. She's got an expressive, clear voice and an arsenal full of hook-laden, well produced tunes that make this record a success. The album opens with the subdued groove "Paper Doll", but don't let it fool you, there's some real rock stuff lurking on here.

If i was to make any comparison to any other artists' styles, i'd have to say the title track puts me in mind of melissa etheridge, sans the raspiness. "I" is a real rocker as well that i can definitely see being a radio hit. "Sorry For Goodbye" is one of my favorite overall lyrics of the entire album, and "where i used to sleep"'s guitar/mandolin combo is a charmer. The album ends as subtly as it began, with the haunting beats of "inside". My only complaint would be that at seven songs, it ends too fast! It definitely left me wanting more. If you're intrigued, check out annie's website. - Dana Detrick - Serious Vanity Music

Annie Minogue - Home. A soulful / bluesy, magnificent voice in an intimate Collection of amazing, almost classic, i would say, songs that are elegant Musical constructs in an ethereal flame full of passion and emotion. Annie Minogue is certainly the one to watch in the next year or so... She truly Deserves all the press accolades that accompany her solo release. The only Problem that i have is the fact that the CD is way too short... At 30 Minutes, it leaves you wanting more (though i understand that the costs Associated with an independent full-length release are immense). Definitely Worth a listen or two! - Stavros Moschopoulos - Fao Casa Gazette Rome Italy

"A powerhouse vocalist whose smartly-crafted modern rock songwriting and Searingly emotional performances stand out in the crowded field of female Rock singers". - Dimitri Ehrlich, author of - Inside The Music

" After hearing Home, it won't take you long to realize that annie has a wonderful voice and is an accomplished songwriter, as well". - Album Network

" I was totally knocked out by this disc! I'm shocked by how much time it has spent in my CD player already. Great voice, strong tunes, good backing band. Annie has the goods and she delivers them on Home". - WPKN 89.5FM

" The first time i heard "Paper Doll", i jumped out of my chair to find out who Annie Minogue was!" Chris Williams, apd, 99x and host of- just the

Minogue has chosen, like many other female solo artists, the folktronica format as a means of delivery for her powerful, impassioned alto.

Tasteful, vibrating electric guitars and warm bass embellish rather than take the lead, leaving plenty of room for her soulful, impassioned voice. Someone's spent time producing here, and it shows. The recordings' sounds are clean, their beats have a dirty, vintage flavor, and minogue's performance is deadly accurate. Fans of alanis and tori, download now. - Kelly B. - Listen.Com

The first thing you'll notice upon listening to Annie Minogue's CD "Home" is that it does not sound like an indy release. This record has material and production that surpasses most major label releases. (Even the CD's cover art is visually striking). This is an album full of excellent performances and well written modern rock songs. Any track on this album would be right at home on aaa, modern rock radio. Annie has a wonderful, soulful voice that draws the listener in and leaves them wanting more. Annie's latest recordings show her to be a gifted vocalist and accomplished songwriter. My only (minor) criticism of the album is that with only 7 tracks and clocking in at around 30 minutes, "Home" is a little on the short side. That said, there is some great music on this disc.... Definitely worth a listen! - threewishesrecords