Meet AMB! Their driving and energizing sound, which combines a gutsy rock attitude with great pop sensibility and a hint of the blues, is reminiscent of some of rock’s greatest female icons. The band has put on amazing performances worldwide alongside some of the industries heavyweights: David Lee Roth, Chris Whitley, Blues Traveler, The Smithereens, Steve Miller Band, Black Eyed Peas, Soul Asylum, and many more. Minogue's craft for songwriting along with her powerfully expressive voice have given her firm roots within the music world. Minogue's music has enjoyed some substantial media time, being featured on film, TV and radio some of which are listed below.

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When I first heard the new CD I turned to Annie smiled and said 'This One's Got Some Magic Going On.' Good songs, strong energetic performances, very well produced and recorded. Annie's vocals are heartfelt and powerful as usual but she really kicked it up a notch on the new CD. Check out 'Tripping The Velvet' for a good strong rock listen. Tracks 3 & 4 are two of my personal favorites but after a couple of listens picking a favorite becomes harder & harder the whole CD is very strong!" -George Marino, Sterling Sound

"When I heard the CD I knew this was a true artist that I could get behind and support, every song was great and the parts were perfect. I'm sure it's destined for massive radio airplay, it deserves that kind of attention!" - Derrick Davis, BEHRINGER Americas

"AMB made my day the minute their agent sent me an e-mail and asked me to take a listen to their work. I think part of my jaw is still sitting on the floor of my office, the Annie Minogue Band rocked my socks off!" - Amanda Richard, Backstage Magazine

"Tripping the Velvet despite the fact that it is an independent CD, sure feels and sounds like a major label release. The music of AMB is great melodic poprock and there's definitely something of interest for the AOR/Melodic Rock fans as well. 'Down,' 'Little Bit of Good' and 'Love Goes Down' inparticular are extremely strong catchy tracks. Be sure to check out these awesome rockers!" - Gabor Fabian, Strutter Magazine

"The Annie Minogue Band CD 'Tripping The Velvet' hit me hard with their knock–out rock attitude and gleaming power ballads. A win-win CD to checkout." - Lynda Dale MacLean,

::: Previewing Songs From Tripping The Velvet :::
00:00 Down1.83 MB
00:00 Love Goes Down (Part Deux)1.83 MB
00:00 Stay1.83 MB
00:00 Do You Wanna Start Something With Me1.83 MB
00:00 'The Confession (Bonus Acoustic Track)1.83 MB

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