April 15, 1947-June 4, 2012

"My heart is heavy tonight as we say goodbye to an incredible and legendary mastering engineer, George Marino.

George mastered all of my records and he was always kind enough to let Nick and myself sit in on the sessions.

He welcomed our input and suggestions. It was always about the quality of the work for George never about ego. He also was very supportive of my talent. He never treated me or my records as an 'independent' project. I was never made to feel that I was less than because I didn't have a huge budget behind me. He put the time and energy into my records just as if he were mastering an Aerosmith record and they always sounded just as good. George was also such a gentle and kind soul and had an ease and calm about him that I will surely miss.

I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with such an exceptional and talented man and it will be hard for me to imagine making my next record without him."