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"While has featured some mega-acts in the past, we often feature bands and artists that are working their asses off to make it – some that are right on the cusp of ridiculously great things. The Annie Minogue Band is one those acts."

- Richie Frieman,

"With the whole world celebrating America, from Obama's inauguration to the epic Superbowl, it's only fitting that 'Tripping The Velvet' represents the best of the USA. This is a good, old fashioned rocking album from a woman full of sass and attitude and is littered with good musical numbers."

- Kieran Dineen, The Evening Echo Cork

"AMB's endearing release "Tripping The Velvet" is a moving, heartfelt set of driving acoustic rock tracks. With sweeping string and guitar counterpoints, the subtlety and agility of Minogue's songwriting shines through. These passionate tunes are sure to inspire and enliven audiences and set the tone of romantic and reflective scenes."

- Freeplay Music Newsletter

"The Annie Minogue Band's rock ballad based pop is indeed worthy of its high profile and with a sorrowful, musical sincerity and a resounding voice they can surely do no wrong."

- Ant Standring, Glasswerk National

"AMB made my day the minute their agent sent me an e-mail and asked me to take a listen to their work. I think part of my jaw is still sitting on the floor of my office, the Annie Minogue Band rocked my socks off!"

- Amanda Richard, Backstage Magazine

"It takes a lot to move me and AMB has done just that!"

- Managing Editor, The Tub Magazine

"Female fronted rock the way it should sound before Alanis Morrissette and Avril Lavigne took over the whole music scene."

-Kaj Roth,

"Crisp, modern production allows AMB to really shine on this disc while retaining nuance and spirit. Annie Minogue is a singer-songwriter on the rise!"

- Freeplay Music Newsletter

"American singer-songwriter rock. More like the sisters Wilson in Heart, than the country-smelling kind, done by Kathleen Edwards. FM radio friendly, without being too slick. If you're missing Robin Beck or Vonda Shepard, this could very well be your new favorite!"

- Anders Carling, Trots Allt Magazine (Sweden)

"With 'Tripping The Velvet' AMB brings back the good ol' days of rock".


"Tripping the Velvet despite the fact that it is an independent CD, sure feels and sounds like a major label release. The music of AMB is great melodic poprock and there's definitely something of interest for the AOR/Melodic Rock fans as well. 'Down,' 'Little Bit of Good' and 'Love Goes Down' inparticular are extremely strong catchy tracks. Be sure to check out these awesome rockers!"

- Gabor Fabian, Strutter Magazine

"Luckily, 'Tripping the Velvet' contains the lyrics of all thirteen songs on the inside of the CD. I recommend reading them as the words are a pretty powerful part of the delivery. There is an air of poetry behind the notes, and the music only compliments the words being relayed. Minogue herself has a distinct voice. A mix between masculine and feminine, with a smoky, heavy quality that is rarely found within current female singers. TTV is also like letting the band's live show into your stereo but it also has some standout tracks that will end up finding themselves a comfortable home on radio as well."

- Leah Bachar, DIY Reporter

"The Annie Minogue Band has released a few CD's on their own, but with their latest, 'Tripping the Velvet,' there is sure to be mounting industry attention. Minogue and her band deliver rock grown-up style, along the lines of Melissa Etheridge and the Wilson sisters. A keen sense of melody and guitar-driven production rival most anything a female-fronted band has ever released, especially on edgy tracks like 'Black and Blue' and 'Love Goes Down.' Then there is the powerful 'Down,' a song with crossover potential that should help Minogue continue the success she has enjoyed with film and TV placements."

- Mike Farley,

"You could call 'Tripping the Velvet' a step forward or a matured album, but the only real comparison is one of caterpillars and butterflies; that which before was simply exceptional is now sublime, and it's almost an understatement to say that every single song is chartworthy. Wake up America, you're missing out on an incredible talent!"

- Steve Piper, Coffee Films

"The Annie Minogue Band CD 'Tripping The Velvet' hit me hard with their knock–out rock attitude and gleaming power ballads. A win-win CD to checkout."

- Lynda Dale MacLean,

"If you don't have Annie's music in your CD collection, you aren't alive!"

- Adam Todd, Iconoclast Productions

"Soulful and Sexy, AMB's latest CD Release 'Tripping the Velvet', is a compilation of A/C Rock that promises to inspire your romantic tendencies, sensually".

- Ken Andrews, South Bay Music Awards

"No one who listens to 'Tripping The Velvet' can dispute the fact that Annie is real; her lyrics are expansive and her vocals are honest and beautiful, especially on 'Love Goes Down (Part Deux).' In the pop landscape, where everyone is replicating the same tired sounds, Annie goes her own way."

- Jimi Jamm, Star 93.3FM

"When I heard the CD I knew this was a true artist that I could get behind and support, every song was great and the parts were perfect. I'm sure it's destined for massive radio airplay, it deserves that kind of attention!"

- Derrick Davis, BEHRINGER Americas

"When I first heard the new CD I turned to Annie smiled and said 'This One's Got Some Magic Going On.' Good songs, strong energetic performances, very well produced and recorded. Annie's vocals are heartfelt and powerful as usual but she really kicked it up a notch on the new CD. Check out 'Tripping The Velvet' for a good strong rock listen. Tracks 3 & 4 are two of my personal favorites but after a couple of listens picking a favorite becomes harder & harder the whole CD is very strong!"

-George Marino, Sterling Sound

"Powerhouse vocals, knock down hooks, and a sound that's both gutsy and gleamingly produced."

-Dimitri Ehrlich, Interview Magazine

"On this CD, the Annie Minogue Band has grown into their own sound!! The songs blend soft pop lyrics with a hard rock music bed which combines into one of the most entertaining, CDs I have listened to all year!!

- Bob Kinkead, Buddy Lee Attractions

"Annie Minogue follows-up her solo CDs ‘Home’ and ‘Love Parade’ with ‘Tripping the Velvet’ an expressive rock hard album with songs that hit you like a ton of bricks."

- Erin P. Capuano, Liliths Child Webzine